Uruk-Hai Attack Elves’ Stronghold – Lord of The Rings Battle – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

This Lord of the Rings battle pits two Middle Earth armies against each other. The Uruk-Hai hordes invade the Elven stronghold in this Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator sandbox simulation.

Uruk-Hai vs Elves Battles:
0:56 First Battle
7:54 Second Battle

Uruk-Hai army consists of:
Uruk Captains
Uruk-Hai Warriors
Uruk-Hai Archers

The Elf Army consists of:
Elf Warriors with no shields
Elf Shielded Warriors
Elf Archers

The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (uebs) allows you to sandbox massive armies and watch their battles. You can also play as any of the units in the game. You can get up and close to the action and help change the course of the battle as you command can command a section of any army during your war.

Are there any battles pitting UEBS characters that you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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