Questing – Now VS Then – WoW Fundamentals

Auronado compares the fundamental systems of Wold of Warcraft, now VS then. This is the first part of the World category, Questing. Our aim is to compare the changes to the fundamentals of the game over the years, and see which decisions helped the game, and which were negative. Not every major decision the developers […]

How Learning Class Abilities Differ in WoW Now VS Wow Classic – World of Warcraft Fundamentals

Today we return to my series comparing the fundamentals of World of Warcraft, then and now. Learning Class Abilities Next up I’d like to talk about class abilities as players level. To be clear, I’m not yet talking about talents, I’m specifically discussing how characters learn their new abilities. In old school WoW, almost every […]

How To Gain Experience in WoW Now vs WoW Classic – World of Warcraft Fundamentals

With WoW Classic coming down the pipes in Blizzard’s typical Soon™ fashion, I thought I’d take the time to discuss some of the fundamental differences between modern Wow and classic WoW. From one patch to the next, and one expansion to the next, World of Warcraft has gone through a colossal number of changes. Today’s […]