Roman Army fights the Army of Gondor – Middle Earth vs Ancient – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

A Middle Earth Army of Gondor faces off in battle against a Roman Army. These two multi-unit armies fight on the plains to see who is the tougher of the two. Battles 0:20 First Battle 5:57 Second Battle #middleearth #armyofgondor #romanarmy

Spartan Army vs Gondor Army – Ancient vs Middle Earth – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Watch 2 battles between the Spartan Army vs the Gondor Army. 0:20 First Battle 9:10 Second Battle Experience this LOTR battle between an Ancient Army and an army of the Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth. The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (uebs) allows you to sandbox massive armies and watch their battles. You can also […]

Uruk-Hai Attack Elves’ Stronghold – Lord of The Rings Battle – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

This Lord of the Rings battle pits two Middle Earth armies against each other. The Uruk-Hai hordes invade the Elven stronghold in this Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator sandbox simulation. Uruk-Hai vs Elves Battles: 0:56 First Battle 7:54 Second Battle Uruk-Hai army consists of: Uruk Captains Uruk-Hai Warriors Uruk-Hai Archers The Elf Army consists of: Elf […]