Jason Attack Campers On Island Retreat – Friday the 13th Battle – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Campers are stranded on an island campground that has been invaded by Jason Voorhees. Terrorized Campers attempt to fight back against Jason in these 5 senario battles. Fight List 0:42 Head-to-Head Battle 4:21 Campers encircled by Jason Voorhees 7:17 Campers encircled by Jason Voorhees second time 9:24 Jason Voorhees gets surrounded by angry Campers looking […]

Jason vs Predator – Friday the 13th Alien Encounter – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th takes on the Predator in battle. The two battles pits a slasher army and an alien hunter army. 0:39 First Battle 5:17 Second Battle (Checkerboard Battle) The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (uebs) allows you to sandbox massive armies and watch their battles. You can also play as any of […]