T-Rex Invade a Defended City – Jurassic vs Modern – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Multiple scenarios of T-Rex herds encircling and attacking a city defended by a Modern Soldier Army. Watch these Jurassic World meeting Modern Army battles.

Battle List
0:19 T-Rex vs Modern Soldiers head-to-head battle
2:37 T-Rex invade a city defended by Modern Soldiers
8:03 Second invasion of T-Rex herd into a city defended by Modern Soldiers

Will the Jurassic Dinosaurs overwhelm the Modern Soldiers, or will the latest firepower take out these Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (uebs) allows you to sandbox massive armies and watch their battles. You can also play as any of the units in the game. You can get up and close to the action and help change the course of the battle as you command can command a section of any army during your war.

Are there any battles and scenarios pitting UEBS characters that you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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